Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now that she's got a blog, she thinks she can do anything

Basically, I moved to the East Village a few weeks ago and I've decided to start a blog about life in the city.  I realize it's a fairly unoriginal premise, and there are a string of multi-camera sitcoms to prove it, but I think part of why I love New York is because it's brimming with original stories.  (If I ever use the phrase "I couldn't help but wonder," feel free to cyber-punch me in the head.)  Groucho Marx said, "Practically everybody in New York has half a mind to write a book - and does."  Well, that's because on the way to the work you give a homeless man a sandwich and he yells at you that you're getting ants on his blanket, on the way home you nearly get run over by some jackass on a skateboard who turns around to say "Nice reflexes!" with a thumbs up, and when you get home you and your gay hipster roommate discuss whether or not skinny black linen pants exist (they do).

So there you have it, Groucho.  I've got half a mind to write a blog.

I've attached a cute video of a puppy doing a handstand because right now I'm still spicing up the design and I need some sort of diversion from the solids/gradients so this doesn't look like a powerpoint presentation.  Seriously, though.. this puppy is adorable.

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