Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where the Kisses are His and His and Hers

In case you didn't notice, I updated the page design.  I ripped the picture off some girl's Hipstamatic-heavy tumblr blog, but it tiled well so I'm going for it.

I was in New Jersey/Long Island this weekend for a family wedding so I haven't been around the apartment since I left early Friday morning.  Upon my return this afternoon, I decided it's time to blog about the delicate living dynamics of a 2-month Craigslist sublet.  I'm in a 3-bedroom apartment, and my 2 roommates are gay males a year or two older than me.  When I first told my parents I had found an apartment, my dad started singing the Three's Company theme song..  although that was 2 straight girls and 1 straight guy who was just pretending to be gay and is not really similar to my living situation at all.  Unless my dad is suggesting that I'm a lesbian pretending to be straight which I guess would mean the sexual orientations/sexes of our corresponding characters are just reversed.  Whatever, I don't think Three's Company was even set in New York.

So like I said, I have 2 roommates.  I will protect their identities with fake names.  I will call them Greg and Drew.  I get along with Greg best because I see him the most often since we have similar work schedules.  I really enjoy talking to him, and he has cool friends with names like Amadeus.  I've decided we're going to be best friends.  Drew works nights so I don't see him as often.  He kind of looks like Woody from Toy Story but younger (yes, I'm saying he looks younger than a doll) and replace the cowboy hat and flannel with a Deep V and seersucker shorts.
This could be us :(

I like Drew as well but sometimes I feel like I'm having a hard time getting him to warm up to me.  He seems to like me but that could just be in comparison to how much he hates the girl I'm renting from - we'll call her Emily.  One morning he broke one of Greg's coffee mugs and apologized saying he wished it was Emily's Bat Mizvah mug.  Bitchy/awesome comments like this make me even more determined to make him my friend.

Oddly enough, Drew is a Craigslist find too (Emily and Greg went to college together).  But now that I'm the newbie, Drew seems to have taken this opportunity to pass the rando crown onto me.  And he's really driving the point home.  When the three of us are hanging out, he starts off his comments by addressing Greg.  Weird.  It's an awkward transition living with people you don't know, especially when it's a temporary situation.  Am I supposed to just hang out in my room?  Can I have friends over in the common space?  Are we supposed to all hang out together?  I'm not sure if I'm an awesome roommate because I'm not around much or if I'm a disappointing roommate because I'm not around enough.  Are they secretly longing to be my best friend, too?  Is Drew just acting out because deep down he wants us to snuggle on the couch and Sporcle?  Greg suggested we all go out for drinks and karaoke a night.. When we brought this up to Drew, he basically pretended we hadn't said anything and then started talking to Greg about the Real Housewives of New York.  Why won't you be my friend?!?  I cleaned the shower AND defended you when Greg told you he wouldn't let you in the apartment wearing tank tops from the boys' department at Macy's.  PLEASE LIKE ME.

Last week, we stumbled upon a common denominator that the 3 of us could have a lively conversation about: Glee.  Of course - why didn't I think of that?!  Even though I do like Rachel, I pretended to hate her too because I was reveling in this roommate bonding.  Matthew Morrison's status as a seasoned veteran makes him less likeable?  Sure!  Whatever you say!  Can we be Facebook friends now?!  We even watched a sneak peek of the Fleetwood Mac episode and claimed which characters we would want to be.  It was wonderful.  I thought I had struck gold.  A few days later when I came home, I told Greg that I'd caught up on this week's episode and we started discussing it.  Drew came out of his room, and when he heard what we were talking about he said "Didn't we just have this conversation the other day?"  Balls.  While I thought that our Gleek status was going to be the cornerstone of our budding friendship, apparently he considered that a one-time conversation that could be buried in the unimportant common interest cemetery along with meatless diets and spray tan experiences.

Well, I've been holed up in my room writing this, being a Craigslist leper, and am now going to Netflix Good Will Hunting Easy A and go to bed.  G'night loves.

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