Monday, March 11, 2013

He was shitting on my deck. I got him.

I did not realize that between yesterday's blog post and the one prior to that, three months had passed.  Yikes.  Thanks to everyone who apparently still checks my blog and enjoyed yesterday's post - I appreciate you not giving up on me.  

Since it's been forever, let's play a little catch up.  I know my "dad" posts have been the fan favorites, so even though it's been a few months, I will try to relay some of the highlights of his visit at Christmas.  I kept some notes on my phone and am trying to dust off my brain and remember what they mean.  Let's take a look:

"Peter Dinklage" 
This was great. We were at a Thai restaurant for dinner and were sitting in the window.  My dad says, "Hey, you know who just walked by?  That little guy.. You know, the one from Elf?" Without even saying a word, I bolted from my chair and ran out of the restaurant in pursuit of Peter Dinklage (in case you weren't aware, I have a not-so-secret, inexplicable thing for Tyrion Lannister). I ran up the block only to find, it was a child with his mother. Not Peter Dinklage with his wife. It would have been offensive had it been just another little person but the fact that it was a child was a whole new level of rude.  Oops.

"Raccoon in a cage"
I am so bummed I didn't have the foresight to send myself this video from his phone. My dad is looking through his photos and then starts chuckling to himself, à la Mariel's-party-hat.  "Mariel, you gotta check this out." So he shows me this video on our back deck of an angry raccoon in a cage. I asked why he took a video of it and he just said, "He was shitting on my deck. [more chuckling] I got him."

"Drawing glasses on Evita"
While waiting for the curtain to rise at the Broadway production of Evita, I noticed my dad drawing glasses on his playbill. I asked if he was going to draw a moustache too and he just said "no" with a straight face. When he was finished drawing the glasses he laughed and said, "She kind of looks like your sister right?" Don't worry, Katy, I think it was a compliment.
A striking resemblance.

"I used to have hair like Ricky Martin."
I've mentioned his receding hairline paranoia before. I don't think I need to explain this one any further.

"He has pants on."
No recollection on this one. But it sounds awesome.

That's what he would call me when I was getting ready in the morning and had my wet hair wrapped up in a towel. More or less offensive than the case of mistaken Peter Dinklage identity?

"The hillbilly you marry"
I don't remember the context of this but all you need to know is that this is not the first time he has accused me of hillbilly affiliations.

"Space Cowboys"
He was partnered with my uncle Joe for our family boozeball foosball tournament on Christmas and given their seniority in the group, he referred to their team as the "Space Cowboys." God, I love a good Space Cowboys reference. Dad FTW.

"Law & Order retirement"
His dream for partial retirement is to play "the neighbor" in a few episodes of Law & Order per season. His line would always be something along the lines of "he mostly just kept to himself, never seemed to bother anybody." I'm not sure how you get away with playing that part multiple times but if elaborate disguises are involved, I will lead the crusade for NBC to greenlight 8 new Law & Order franchises in the next 10 years.

We went for a nice family walk in Central Park and I snapped a couple of nice Instagram photos out of it:

Not an Instagram pic, but please note that the first 4 times I tried to take this picture,
my dad would wave his hands around like a jazz clown right before I could snap the picture.

We went to a bar after our walk, and I showed the pictures to my parents, knowing that my dad's reaction to the filters would be similar to if I hopped in a time machine and treated Buster Keaton to a screening of Avatar. Obviously this was spot on, and I explained Instagram to him. Distressed that he was just finding out about this now, here was his response: "We've wasted so much time over this trip. You could've been teaching me this." Instagram? "Apps." There is not enough time in the world.

"Walking on the moon"
After leaving aforementioned bar, his Irish coffees had caught up with him and he just said "Whoo, I feel like I'm walking on the moon!"

And finally.. a short video I captured when he was trying to insist that since he's gotten an iPhone, all of a sudden everyone started to text him all the time and he doesn't know how they know he has an iPhone now..  Yeah I know.. If you think that explanation rattled your brain, just wait until you see what it does to him (note: Mary Manning is a nursing home on the Upper East Side):

Cannot stop laughing at that meltdown. Incredible.

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