Friday, September 21, 2012

T.G.I.F. No but seriously.

On our morning walk to the subway today, I was telling Carolyn that I wished Full House and Boy Meets World were on Netflix.

And what do I find this evening but...




When you say "recently added," Netflix, how recent are we talking?  Because if it was more than 34 minutes ago, I demand to know why I did not receive an emergency call/text/email/carrier pigeon, a broadcast from the Oval Office, as well as a visit from the ghost of Jim Henson himself to announce this beautiful, beautiful news.  And what's even better is that other programs from the T.G.I.F. Hall of Fame can't be far behind.  It's like the gods of instant watch heard my prayer this morning and were like, "Yeah, Mariel.  We hear you.  And we're working on Family Matters too.  But it's time to unleash Dinosaurs as a reminder that YOU CAN THANK US IT'S FRIDAY, BITCH."  Thank you, gods of Netflix, for sending us your only T.G.I.F. program (for now), leading us not into boredom, and delivering us from Qwikster.  Amen.

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