Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Night I Had Fresh Baked Cookies Delivered to a Bar

My boss's birthday is tomorrow and we're surprising her with treats because she is awesome.  I volunteered to score the goods, and I found this place called Insomnia Cookies (please see this hyperlink and give me free M&M cookies 4 lyfe) that delivers cookies anytime between noon and 3:00 am.  #college  The delivery zone, however, posed a slight totally manageable problem in this plan to provide delicious baked goods.  According to their website, they don't deliver north of 14th (not an issue) or east of Avenue A (barely an issue).  Here is a basic transcript of the phone conversation between me and the Insomnia Cookies Man:

Me: Hi, I wanted to have cookies delivered tonight and I live on 14th and B which I realize is just outside your delivery zone but --
Insomnia Cookies Man: Yeah we can't deliver to you.  Sorry.
Me: Ok, but what if I went and stood on the corner of 14th and A..
Insomnia Cookies Man: No, we don't do that, ma'am.
P is for Percy
Me: Ok, so what if I hung out in a bar on 13th and A..
Insomnia Cookies Man: Sure. 

I'm in.

(For those of you who didn't already know this, Percy's Tavern is the greatest bar in the tristate area.  Also, I may or not be part owner and I may or may not be Percy.)

Obviously at this point, I had to do it for the story.  So when I got home, I placed my order for work as well as an unnecessary a completely necessary additional order for Carolyn and me, listed my address as 210 Avenue A (aka Percy's Tavern) and "convinced" Carolyn to come get a drink with me at Percy's so we could wait for the cookie delivery man to come.  And he did.  That's pretty much of the end of the story.  Except for the fact that the cookies were bombass.  The end.

Yeah I guess I like cookies.  Why do you ask?

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