Monday, October 24, 2011

Do It Yourself

This is so turd-tastic that I don't even want to admit it (and that is coming from someone who just scored seasons 2 and 3 of Boy Meets World on DVD), but this evening I googled "DIY Halloween costumes."  

I found a site with the headline "7 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas Mother Nature Would Appreciate."  Below the headline, it reads "There is still time to make your own Halloween costume. Take a look at the list of eco-Halloween ideas I have gathered below. The costumes are made with recycled material and of themes Mother Nature would appreciate."

Check out #7 on this list:  Mother Nature

Well it was either this or my ghost costume from last year so...

A) wtf. Mother Nature is scarier than Global Warming.

B) Easy?  DIY?  I'm quoting the article here: there is still time to make your own Halloween costume.  No.  No, there will never be enough time to make this costume nor will there be enough time to explain to everyone at the Halloween party why you look like someone tried to make a May pole out of a dementor.

C) Can you buy a bee keeper mask, giant paper mache slugs, and stilts at CVS?

D) Is that part of a triceratops skeleton around its neck?  And if so, can I buy that at CVS?

E) If someone else shows up in the same costume, this really isn't going to be worth it.

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