Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You in the Mock Turtle

Tonight I asked Carolyn who One Direction was because I heard they performed on SNL.  She didn't know who they were either so we looked them up on Youtube.  Apparently they are a British boy band who were on The X Factor.  I think my favorite part of learning about a new band is the first twenty seconds of their first song you listen to.  Because generally my reaction to the first twenty seconds of a band I've never heard is going to be one of two things.  It's either going to be "meh" or it's going to be instant over-the-top enthusiasm.  Here's how it went with One Direction (and bear in mind, we were watching this music video):

0:00-0:10  absorbing the situation
0:11 Me: Oh my God, I can't decide which one is my favorite.  Carolyn: That's probably a good thing because I'm pretty sure they're thirteen years old.
0:19 Hair... yes, you in the mock turtle.  You know which one you are.  Get. Your. Pose on. #foundmyfavorite

I'm not sure at what point Carolyn said what everyone else I was thinking, but this song will undoubtedly be starring in every powerhour featured in the Summer of Sangria.  One Direction, meet us on the roof.

If you still aren't convinced, 2:20-2:23 will seal the deal.

It is like the Monkees came back as Justin Biebers, repurposed the Spice Girls tour van, and stole Joseph Gordon Levitt's wardrobe.  These boys have to be slaying left and right.  Especially Hair.  Boy band rule numero uno: having the most recognizable hair automatically makes you the lady killer of the group.  Just ask Justin Timberlake Chris Kirkpatrick.

Screenshots of Hair's best moments:

That's a panty-droppin' pose.  Get it, Hair.
Steals the show from the back row.  Suspenders gets style points honorable mention.
Look at that mane.  Meowww
Hello? Is it me you're looking for?
Everyone wants to be the guy lying across everyone else on the couch in the picture.
The best hair always wins.  Just ask Justin Timberlake Chris Kirkpatrick.

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